Autobiographical Proof

Posted on Oct 30, 2008 in Uncategorised

Hello cherubs,

People are always asking me how true my comics are, so a wee while ago i put up some proof that my My Peculiar World comic strips are indeed autobiographical. I’ve been collecting a few more so here are the latest…

Fig 1: Yes. My parents did indeed give me a pop-up sex ed book;

cartoon sex bookKarrie sex book

Fig 2: Yes. They do put security stickers on the smoked salmon in my local supermarket:


Fig 3: Yes. I have one phenomenally large calf muscle. Please do not mention it on meeting me:(actually this fact appears to be a bit of a lie as the photo clearly shows it’s a humungous right calf. Moving on, moving on…).

autobiographical-proofmassive-calfstrip autobiographical-proofmassive-calf-300x132

Fig 4: Yes. I did have a teacher who sang ‘Don’t call Maggie a bitch…’ songs: Actually, after this strip was published my old teacher, Nancy Nicolson, got in contact with me having randomly recognised herself in the strip. It had been 20 years so I’d long forgotten her name to credit her, but it was brilliant to hear from her.  She’s lovely and has many equally brilliant political and Scottish songs. Click on her picture below for her website.

autobiographical-proofmaggie-bitchstrip autobiographical-proofmaggie-bitchnancy-nicholson-119x150

Figure 4: Yes, my ex did have an affair with the Orange Answerphone lady. (At least he did…in my mind)

autobiographical-prooforange-strip ex-and-his-orange-baby

O.k, o.k- i know you believe me by now. But i’m Jewish. I have a persecution complex. Till next time mein khaver!

Karrie x