My British Red Cross comic about the brave Iranian teenage refugee Ebrahim launched as part of Refugee Week in 2013. It won a Broken Frontier Award and was tweeted about by Neil Gaiman, Simon Pegg and Caroline Lucas. It reached over 15,000 readers and 3,022,000 via social media with coverage in The Guardian, The Mirror, Creative Review and on TEDx, with worldwide events still engaging live audiences with the comic 10 years later, the Red Cross webpage still gets around 8,500 views a year, making it one of our most viewed pages on refugee issues. The UK has a long tradition of providing a safety and support for those fleeing violence all over the world. Long may it continue. You can read it here: http://webapps.redcross.org.uk/RefugeeWeekComic/

Broken Frontier Award

Neil Gaiman Tweet 2


Simon Pegg Tweet