Comic Articles for Psychologies Magazine and the New Statesman

Posted on Aug 29, 2012 in Uncategorised


Just returned from the lovely Shamballa festival to find two of my comics articles have been published:

The first is a 4-page article for the lovely Psychologies Magazine where I lived by four rules for one month (Page76) including giving up social media to giving away my possessions. The second is a 2-page comic for the New Statesman on aggression in comedy in their political comic special (Page 28). I interviewed Josie Long and Robin Ince among others and asked if we should be consuming comedy ethically.

It’s fantastic that more and more papers and magazines are open to the idea of graphic journalism and all it has to offer, and I hope to see more of it! Talking of which do check out this amazing Dutch website which has some fantastic examples of comic journalism sometimes embedded with audio and video. Truly inspiring!