BBC radio 3 sample 1

I was delighted to get the chance to work with BBC Radio 3 to make this little animation to promote¬†Naomi Alderman‘s. fantastic play. I’ve long admired her work and when she was commissioned to write ‘Wolf in the Water’, a radio play based on Shylock’s daughter Jessica, I was honoured to be asked to promote it. It is a fascinating re-working of ‘The Merchant of Venice’ which is well known to be Shakespeare’s most anti-semitic play. I also got the chance to work again with the brilliant Adam Zygadlo of Jarbrain (who helped make both animations for my books) who worked his magical skills to bring my drawings to life. I’ve attached some stills below.

Do listen to the play when it airs:

BBC radio 3 sample 7

BBC radio 3 sample 4

BBC radio 3 sample 2